3 The action of NEBRAS Institute to develop the capacity of mental health professionals in Libya

Owing to its experience in the field of rehabilitation, NEBRAS Institute has now been internationally recognised for its expertise with regard to the treatment of victims of torture and human trafficking and to its training programmes in the field of mental health. This opening allowed the Institute to expand its activities to cover training, particularly in skills development for mental health professionals in Libya. It is a joint project between the International Handicap Organization, NEBRAS Institute in partnership with the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis, financed by the European Union for the support of Libya.

The Faculty of Medicine contributes, in collaboration with the scientific team of NEBRAS, to the academic part of the program, while NEBRAS intervenes in training in the field of psychological trauma treatment. The program extends over 3 years until 2021 and aims to develop the capacity of Libyan mental health specialists.

NEBRAS Institute won the call for projects in partnership with Handicap International and was selected among many other actors thanks to its expertise not only in the treatment of psychological trauma and care of victims but also in the field of training and capacity building in addition to NEBRASS successful interventions with all social groups, local or regional. Furthermore, the distinguished relationships of the Institute with the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis and their cooperation in many activities helped NEBRAS to be selected. Owing to this new venture, NEBRAS has significantly consolidated its achievements.