2 . Enhancing the capacities of Libyan doctors in the field of mental health as part of Amal Program (assistance in the field of mental health in Libya)

Amal Program (Action on Mental Health in Libya) is a joint project between the International Handicap Organization and the Tunisian Nebras Institute, in partnership with the Libyan Ministry of Health and the Faculty of Medicine of Tunisia, funded by the European Union for Libya.

This program was launched in 2019 and will run over three years until 2021. Nebras' experience in the field of rehabilitation and treatment for victims of torture and human trafficking, added to its successful experience in the field of capacity building for mental health and psycho-trauma practitioners, in addition to its regional opening and the expansion of its activities in terms of treatment, rehabilitation, training and capacity building, were the main factors which contributed to supporting this program in partnership with the various parties concerned.

Nebras Institute will, therefore, continue its intervention in this program in terms of training and capacity building for mental health professionals in Libya, in particular in the treatment of psychological trauma. The Faculty of Medicine of Tunisia in cooperation with the scientific council of Nebras Institute will continue its contribution to this program at the academic level. This innovative program will reinforce the achievements and successes of Nebras Institute at the national and regional level.