4 Fifth anniversary of Nebras: the Tunisian rehabilitation institute for torture survivors.

Five years have passed since the inception of Nebras Institute as the first rehabilitation institute for survivors of torture, after signing a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Health represented by Dr Mohamed Salah Ben Ammar. Since then, Nebras has not spared any effort for the provision of care or the psychological support necessary for the victims of all kinds of torture.

Nebras Institute intends to celebrate this occasion to encourage its team and anyone who has contributed in the past five years to its success, directly or indirectly, to work harder and strengthen their capacities so as to face all difficulties in terms of care for victims of torture.

To mark this celebration, Nebras has decided to choose Art, by programming a drama performance entitled "Between life and death", organized at "El Teatro" space in Tunis, in partnership with "DIGNITY" , the Danish Institute against Torture for the prevention of torture, as a strategic partner of Nebras Institute.

It should, further, be noted that Nebras Institute launched its Website in its new French version, waiting for further work on the Arabic and English versions. For more information, please visit the site at the following address: