Cultural event« La Mémoire Noire » (Black Memory)

At the inauguration of the Tunisian Institute of Rehabilitatiion on 5th December 2015, a cultural event was organized and a film entitled « La Mémoire Noire » (Black Memory) of Hichem Ben Ammar was shown in the Agoracinema in the northern suburb of Tunis.
Young and less young people responded to the invitation of the Tunisian Institute of Rehabilitation and of Dignity.
This event was further highlighted by the presence of the Minister of Health Mr. Mohamed Salah Ben Ammar and the Minister of Culture Mr. Mourad Sakli.
The first part of the evening included a musical performance by the singer Alia Sallami who intoned a Druse cappella chant.
The presence of Ezzedine Ben Mbarek provided an opportunity for a debate after the film was shown in the presence of the filmmaker Hichem Ben Ammar.
A very interesting exchange of views took place between the public and the Minister of Health and the Minister of Culture.
With the approaching annual celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the inauguration of the first Institute of Rehabilitation of the survivors of torture is of great symbolic importance.

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