Mission of the NEBRAS Institute

Rehabilitation, listening and counselling,training of health professionals, promotion of research and field studies


Rehabilitation at the Nebras Institute is part of a multi-disciplinary approach so as to provide an overall response to the problems facing the survivors of torture and their families. This approach in fact has turned out to be the most relevant one as seen through experiences throughout the world.

  • Psychological care :through psychotherapy and counselling sessions which tackle the psychological sequelae of torture and bad treatments.
  • Medical care :registered doctors who are trained in the screening and care of the physical sequelae of torture.
  • Physiotherapy : physiotherapists who are trained in dealing with pain and other muscle and joint sequelae resulting from torture, by providing suitable techniques of massages, relaxation and mobilisation of joints.

Listening and counselling area

Listening and counselling area for orienting the victims towards other partner institutions.

Continuous training of health professionals

The Centre, with the technical and financial support of DIGNITY, (international and regional experts) will organize training sessions for further capacity building of the health professionals who are present in the reference network, to train them in the specific care of the survivors of torture.

Promotion of research and field study

In cooperation with the universities, a study will be undertaken in order to develop an extensive clinical model which will take Tunisian specificities into account. Beneficiaries

Direct victims of Torture

Adults, young persons, aged persons

Indirect victims

Victims of torture are not the only ones that suffer, the children, spouses and close family members who were affected by the consequences of torture suffer as well.